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About Us

Exclusive Sailboat Cruise

It’s a company focusing on nautical-touristic cruises along the Tejo river, as well as other areas of the Atlantic Ocean. We were born to provide exclusive sailing experiences, from 2 up to 10 people, so you can enjoy the natural beauty and sights the Tejo river has to offer, between upstream and downstream, aboard two sailboats, one with 10m (32ft) – carrying up to 6 passengers – and another with 12m (39ft) – carrying up to 8 passengers – plus ship’s crew.

We organize company events, family events, bachelor parties, romantic getaways and sunset cruises, amongst other. Our sailboat cruises have weekly, daily and weekend departures from the Tejo river until Cascais. We prepare for you a program according to your taste and time schedule.

In the daily cruises of 2, 4 or 6 hours, we provide a toast aboard (Champagne – Sangria – Juices and other Refreshments – Salty and Sweet Snacks), as well as a meal according to the program (we do not offer “diet” meals).

With an experienced and particular crew, we cruise along the Tejo river, touring monuments along the coast, and docking at the pier for lunch aboard the ship, in a place of the passenger’s choosing or recommended by the crew.

Helder Jorge
Helder Jorge - Skipper
Paula Cristina
Paula Cristina - Sewardess


We wait at the Santo Amaro Marina for you, where you will board our KING GEORGE Sailboats, for a cruise of your choice. Our sailboats are modern, vary between 10 and 12 meters in length, are equipped with all the comfort on board to provide you with a good ride.

Served with champagne, sangria, juices and other drinks as welcome on the cruise, our experienced crew will tell you a bit about the history of the surrounding areas.

If you prefer, you can man the sailing boat with the supervision of the Skipper (always) as well as sit and relax on the deck, enjoying the sun and sea breeze through several of the marvellous sights of the Tejo River.

Delight in our delicacies while you sail with us. With a maximum of 10 guests, we guarantee a unique and relaxing environment on the tour.



The Tejo river is the most extensive river of the Iberian peninsula. Its watershed is the third most extensive on the peninsula. It is born in Spain – where it is known as Tajo – at 1 593 m altitude in the Albarracín mountain range, and after a course of about 1 007 km, it flows into the Atlantic Ocean forming an estuary in Lisbon. Its hydrographic basin is of 80 600 km (55 750 km in Spain and 24 850 km in Portugal), being second most important of the Iberian peninsula after the one of the river Ebro.

On its banks are Spanish towns like Toledo, Aranjuez and Talavera de la Reina, and Portuguese as Abrantes, Santarém, Salvaterra de Magos, Vila Franca de Xira, Alverca do Ribatejo, Casa Fort, Póvoa de Santa Iria, Sacavém, Alcochete, Montijo , Moita, Barreiro, Seixal, Almada and Lisbon.

Doca Alcântara in Lisbon


The ships and the caravels of the Portuguese discoveries departed from the Tagus estuary. The wave that struck Portugal on the day of the 1755 earthquake rose the river and flooded Lisbon and other localities on the bank.

In Lisbon, the Tejo estuary is crossed by two bridges. The oldest is the 25 de Abril Bridge (inaugurated in 1966, then Ponte Salazar), one of the largest suspension bridges in Europe, linking the capital of Portugal to Almada. The other is the Vasco da Gama Bridge, which is about 17 km long. It was inaugurated in 1998 and connects Lisbon (Sacavém) to Alcochete, Moita and Montijo. The largest site of this river is called Mar da Palha and lies between Lisbon, Vila Franca de Xira and Benavente.

Next to Vila Franca de Xira there is also the Marechal Carmona Bridge that connects the two banks. It was widely used, but with the construction of the Vasco da Gama Bridge it lost traffic. At the entrance of the Tejo estuary, there is a fortress (the São Julião da Barra Fort).