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Luxury Boat Trip from Lisbon to Cascais

Detalhes Rápidos

1-5 people
6-10 people

Lisbon to Cascais by Boat

Enjoy a day of life on the Tejo River, Lisbon – Cascais. Prices of these programs in private, always include the rental of the boat, fuel, Skipper and professional crew, 1 bottle of sparkling wine and 1 “KING GEORGE appetiser”. For the indicated price range, a 10-meter cruise ship and a 12-meter luxury sailboat are available. Music is an obligatory ingredient and maybe to your taste.

We serve sparkling wine, rosé wine, white wine, beer, juices and other drinks as welcome on the cruise trip, our experienced crew will tell you a bit of the history of the surrounding areas. Other drinks at Bar with separate ride costs.

The idea for the Couple
– Commemoration of freedom achieved (liberation of…);
– Marriage Proposal;
– Wedding or Dating Anniversary;
– Romantic Moment;
– Romantic Voucher – as a Wedding Gift.

Departure and arrival at the Marina de Santo Amaro in Lisbon!